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Set Your Worth for Those You Value Most.

Whether you’re at the top of the corporate ladder or in full swing as a homemaker, you have people depending on you.

And even though you are worth more than any amount of money, knowing your loved ones will be taken care of financially after you’re gone is priceless.

So, if you’re a healthy non-smoker below fifty, we offer the cheapest life insurance policy with total and permanent disability cover for women in Malaysia, guaranteed.

Or we’ll refund you the difference.

Insurance you need:
Medical Insurance
You need medical insurance whether you’re employed or not. Even if it’s provided by your employer, there are claim limits. And what if you leave your job? You might find it difficult or more expensive to get one then. So it’s best to get your own.
Term Life Insurance
If you work and contribute to the family finances, there will be a hole in it should something unexpected happen to you. Even if you’re not working, your family will still need to pay for external help like after-school care. So it’s best to get life insurance to make sure your loved ones are financially supported in your absence.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
Suffering total and permanent disability can be financially devastating. Not only will your family lose a source of income, you may also require expensive medical support and care. So total and permanent disability insurance helps you to fund this without burdening your loved ones.
Critical Illness Insurance
Younger women are generally healthier than their male counterparts. But as you approach your forties, the likelihood of contracting a critical illness (e.g. cancer) is higher. While you should already have medical insurance, getting critical illness insurance will give you an extra lump sum to cover experimental treatments or your living expenses whilst off work.



Now is a good time to save a proportion of your income to put towards investments. But we recommend separating your insurance needs above with your investment needs. For this reason, we do NOT recommend the popular but very expensive investment-linked policies.

Your investment needs can be met separately by buying unit trusts or investment services provided by asset managers licensed by the Securities Commission. If unsure, seek professional advice from a licensed financial planner.