Term Life Protection for Long-Term Happiness.

When you buy a property, your bank will recommend you take up a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). This insurance will pay out the principal amount of your mortgage in case the unexpected happens to you.

The problem is it’s going to cost a bomb. A 30 year mortgage of RM400,000 for a 30 year old man, will cost around RM16,000. And the bank will be too happy to add the premium to your loan amount and charge interest on it.

Is there any alternative?

You bet. Get a term life policy for RM400,000 from Fi Life instead. Premiums are calculated on an annual basis. So for the same man earlier, it’ll cost him as little as RM550 per year for the first few years!

Advantages of Term Life policy over MRTA

  • No expensive, single lump-sum payment.
  • Flexibility. Your family gets to decide whether to use insurance proceeds to pay off the mortgage first or other expenses
  • Your family is the beneficiary of the insurance pay-out, not the bank.
  • If you refinance your housing loan with another bank, you do not need to surrender your policy.


  • You have to pay cash for your term life annual premiums.
  • Annual premiums will gradually grow more expensive as you get older.

Insurance you need:
Term Life Insurance
Get a lump-sum payment to pay off your whole mortgage in the event of your untimely death. Give your family peace of mind that they will always have a roof over their heads, debt-free.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
Get a lump-sum payment to pay off your whole mortgage if you become totally and permanently disabled. Give yourself and your family peace of mind that you will always have a roof over your heads, come what may.
Fire, Flood, Subsidence and Landslip Insurance

Extend your basic fire insurance to include increasingly frequent perils like flood, landslides, violent storms, and burst water pipes. Make sure the amount is sufficient to rebuild your home.

We don’t do fire, flood, subsidence and landslip insurance but there are plenty of general insurance companies that do.

Critical Illness Insurance (Optional)
You may have difficulty keeping up with your mortgage payments if you were to be stricken by a critical illness. An advance cash lump sum can be a big help to continue your mortgage payments whilst you focus on your recovery.
Home Contents Insurance (Optional)

If you have valuable furniture or items at home like top-of-the-line TV, computer, and range cooker, consider home content insurance so you can replace them in case of fire, floods or even theft.

We don’t do home content insurance, but there are plenty of general insurers who do.



We would recommend getting insured for more than the housing loan amount. this will enable your family to pay for expenses beyond your housing loan, for example, your family’s living expenses or your children’s education expenses. With Fi Life, you can get coverage of up to RM1 million.