A Safety Net for Your Malaysian Adventure.

You’re now working in Malaysia. Maybe you’ve brought your family with you on this adventure.

But you’re not a full-blown expat with all the perks. Although you might receive basic benefits like group medical insurance, many expenses are still out of your own pocket.

If that’s you, a little preparation will go a long way to protecting your loved ones in case the unexpected happens.

Insurance you need:
Term Life Insurance
If you have dependents who depend on you financially, like a spouse or children who are with you in Malaysia, or ageing parents overseas, you need life insurance. In the unexpected event of your death, a cash lump sum will go a long way to financially aid your loved ones in coping with the situation.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
Suffering total and permanent disability can be financially worse than death as you will need care for yourself. Total and permanent disability insurance helps with the funds to do this. At Fi Life, this comes packaged with our life insurance policy.
Critical Illness Insurance

Being struck with a critical illness in a foreign country can be very challenging. While your medical costs will most likely be covered by your employer’s insurance, you might want to return to your home country for support from family and friends. A critical illness policy will give you a cash lump-sum payout to afford that.

Fi Life is the only company that offers online life, total and permanent disability and critical illness insurance to foreigners living in Malaysia.

Medical Insurance
Your employer should have a hospitalisation and surgery policy that covers your medical and hospitalisation bills. But most company group policies have low claim limits. Getting your own medical insurance policy with a higher medical claim limit will give you more peace of mind. At Fi Life, you can get a special quote for a foreign professional medical policy by emailing



Check your exact insurance benefits provided by your employer in Malaysia. Fill in the gaps with your own insurance policy.