It’s Not About What You Need. It’s About Who Needs You?

You are in the mid-stages of your career and do not plan to have a family. You don’t even have many financial liabilities other than your housing loan or car loan.

But you might have ageing parents who look to you for some financial support. Maybe a sibling still in school. What happens to them if you’re no longer around?

Insurance you need:
Medical Insurance
You might have one from your employer. But there are usually claim limits. Best to get your own medical insurance now, while you’re still healthy. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to get one in the future when you’re older or if you have a health episode.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
Protect yourself in case you are disabled through an accident or a medical condition. But take note, it’s hard to get disability insurance that is sold independently. Good thing you can get a life and TPD combo with Fi Life.
Critical Illness Insurance
As you approach your 40s, the likelihood of suffering a critical illness (e.g. cancer, heart attack, stroke) is no longer remote. Getting CI insurance will give you an extra lump-sum payment to pay for expenses like experimental treatments not covered by your medical insurance or your living expenses.
Term Life Insurance (optional)
You should get life insurance if you have financial dependents e.g your parents or a younger sibling who you are supporting through school. They will get a lump-sum payment if the unexpected happens to you.

P.s. At Fi, we offer a Life/TPD/CI Combo a separate medical policy from AXA Affin Insurance.



Invest in unit trusts or roboadvisers.

Now is a good time to save a proportion of your income to put towards investments. We do not recommend an investment-linked policy to do this (it’ss really expensive) but to consider unit trusts or investment services provided by robo-advisers licensed by the Securities Commission. If unsure, seek professional advice from a licensed financial planner.