Keep Your Vows No Matter What May Come.

You promised to take care of each other. Life insurance is a way to keep that promise if the unexpected happens.

Now, in the most financially productive time of your life, is the time to prepare for that. Especially if you are also financially supporting others, e.g. ageing parents, a younger sibling who is still studying, or a non-working spouse.

Insurance you need:
Even if both you and your spouse have medical insurance from your employers, they normally have very low claim limits. It’s best to get your own for more peace of mind.
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
You just have to ask yourself “what if?” It doesn’t take much to get covered. But it’s hard to get disability insurance that is sold separately. So get life insurance with TPD cover too.
Term Life Insurance
If you and your spouse have financial dependents, get life insurance. It will protect them in case something happens to either of you. As a bonus, our life insurance automatically comes with a total and permanent disability insurance too.
Critical Illness Insurance
If you or your spouse have a family history of critical illness, or if you’re approaching your late 30s, consider getting insured for 39 critical illnesses including cancer. It’s the smart thing to do.



Make hay whilst the sun shines! After getting a roof over your head, invest your excess funds into unit trusts or robo-adviser funds. If you’re in your 20s, 30s and even early 40s, your investment horizon is at least 20 years, so you can invest in equity funds that generate higher returns over a longer time period.

Do not try to insure and invest using the same product like investment-linked policies. Keep your insurance separate from your investments, it’s much cheaper and flexible that way. If you are not sure why, read our article on it, and consult a licensed financial planner.