I am Yi Xuan and This is How I Invest

Published 22 Oct 2020

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By Fi Life Team

I am Yi Xuan Chin, I am...

A writer, personal finance & REIT investing enthusiast, and a developing trader. I run a humble little personal blog called No Money Lah where I share my thoughts and the lessons I learned about adulting, money & personal growth every week.

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1. What is your best investment and worst investment?
My best investment is the investment into myself (ie. investing in books and courses learn about investment, mindset & personal growth).

Of course, to be more direct, my best investment is in my REITs where I am currently building to (hopefully) one day generate a respectable passive income stream for me.

I do not consider any investment decision in my life to be negative. Personally, every experience and mistake is a good learning opportunity but if I were to say, investing without prior research is definitely my biggest mistake (and lesson) when I first started.

2. What was your first-ever investment (and how did that go)?
My first ever investment was in gold. I was around 19 back then and was looking to invest in something (but I didn't know how). Eventually, I opened a Maybank Gold Investment Account and invested some of my part-time job salary in a few grams of gold.

If I remembered correctly, gold was around RM130-140/g back then and I sold it for about RM190/g a couple of years ago.

3. Your investment no-nos
Never invest based on other people's opinions and recommendations.

As a creator and enthusiast in the personal finance space, I have seen a very bad culture among many communities/groups in social media.

Asking for buying/timing recommendations.

This is something that I speak openly about because 99.99% of recommendations do not come with caveat or context, and is purely people's own perspective. That's why this is my biggest no-no in investing.

4. What are you investing for?
My goal when it comes to money and life is simple: to build multiple streams of income so I can live life on my own terms without feeling financially stressed and burdened. As such, investing plays an important role here to keep me focused and aligned in this journey.

Personally, I adopt a rather disciplined financial routine where I review my personal finances and portfolio every month end, so I am always crystal clear on my state of finances. I think having a consistently actionable financial routine is crucial for anyone that's looking to take charge of their financial lives.

5. Yi Xuan’s investment philosophy and approach

a. Before investing, ask yourself:
"Am I confident in this business, that I am willing to hold on to this company for at least 2 years?" (barring any sudden unexpected fundamental shift in the business, of course)

b. Every kind of investment has its own risk. Your role as an investor is to choose the kind of risk you are comfortable with when investing.

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