I am Vincy Chan and This is How I Invest (and Insure)

Published 21 Jan 2022

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By Fi Life Team
  1. What’s your day job?

    I am an independent entrepreneur. I own 3 boutique beauty salons and lately I opened up a café called Poppu Café in Puchong serving modern healthy nutrient cuisine.

  2. What’s your best investment?

    My best investment was starting my own business about 20 years ago in Ampang. With all my hard-earned money which I saved throughout my working life; I started a solo venture by opening a beauty salon on the first floor of a shop lot. I have never regretted this investment as this first step has helped me to get where I am today.

  3. What was your worst investment?

    Believe it or not, I invested in an industry that I was totally unfamiliar with – a mobile app. Got convinced by a friend, thought it will be a good idea to diversify but ended up with losses. On the hindsight, I realized that both me and my partner lacked exposure in this area and that led to us hiring wrong people to help us and that made it worse.

  4. What was your first-ever investment (and how did that go)?

    I invested in mutual funds, but only after I had sufficient personal savings. I come from a very basic family and the only investments we knew back then were fixed deposits and regular savings. I am not shy to admit that my family needed security more than anything else. So, like my father, I too followed his footsteps and kept all my money in the bank. Then I learnt about mutual funds, took calculated risk and in the end, I was happy with the returns. The earnings from there helped me fulfil my dream of owning my own business, my own boutique beauty salon. In total, I have invested close to RM500K in all my 3 salons at Ampang, Publika and Sunway Pyramid.

  5. Any investment no-nos?

    Generally, I am a very optimistic and driven person. I truly believe that we can make something out of any business investments that we get into. But the biggest no no is to put your money in an investment portfolio or invest in a business venture based on verbal assurances and guarantees. And worst still, if those assurances come from a friend. My motto is, you must clearly distinguish between friendship and business if you want to make sound judgement.

  6. What are you investing for?

    Definitely for self fulfilment. All my investments and my efforts are towards fulfilling my dream. I started working since I was 18. My mom got me a job in a kindergarten where I would work every morning before I go to school. Then I would help my mother in her food stall and on the weekends, I made extra cash by working part time in my sister’s company. Throughout the journey, I only had one thing in mind, when the time is right, I will invest in myself – be it in education or starting a business that I love.

  7. What’s your investment philosophy/approach?

    If it’s okay, can I share my ‘business investment philosophy’? As I mentioned, my investments went into my businesses and I understand most people would do market research or things like that. Mine is simple, I would say go with what your heart tells you and give your 110%. Pull out all stops, be unique – learn, improve, implement, repeat.

  8. What about insurance?

    Following my father’s footsteps, I too believe insurance is a must. My father bought me an investment link policy when I was young which I continued paying the premiums when I started working. When I learnt the importance of having a medical policy, I quickly bought one for myself. I have also bought myself life policies which I will definitely upgrade and increase its coverage when I reach higher stages of my life. This is to ensure that my children are well protected in case something happens to me.

  9. What would you do differently finance-wise if you could turn back time?

    Call me old school but every step of my life has been nothing but liberating and I believe everything happens for a reason. My life journey has taught me well and has prepared me for the real world. I always looked at things positively and took everything that was thrown at me with stride. So, what would I do differently? Nothing. In fact, I will be happy to do it all over again.

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