I am Jamie Lim and This is How I Invest (and Insure)

Published 17 Dec 2021

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By Fi Life Team
  1. What’s your day job?

    I actually work for myself. I am in the business of making kids happy and healthy – literally. I run an online homemade healthy frozen food that is kids friendly under the brand name Zoey’s Homemade. It’s the first of its kind in Malaysia and I am really proud of it.

  2. What’s your best investment?

    My best investment is my business. Seriously, I invested all my savings I had into this business. Due to circumstances, I left an office job that was paying me RM8K and invested 100% of my time and myself into this business. Started my business in my own kitchen. Ventured into café with my products but the pandemic opened up a whole new world of online opportunities. And I have not looked back since then, whatever small amount I invested in my business, it's now valued at RM5million (based on the last round of fundraising valuation).

  3. What’s your worst investment?

    My marriage. Yes, I invested everything I had into my marriage which included taking up loans trying to help my ex husband's business. What were the returns? I ended up a single mother ladened with debts. Seriously, taking loans to invest in a business that you had no clue about, was the worst investment.

  4. What was your first-ever investment (and how did that go)?

    I made 2 ‘first investments’ actually – a property and getting myself insured. I did that with the intention of providing some sense of security for my daughter and my parents. Parents were old fashioned, did not believe in insurance, I was lucky to get myself a medical and a savings policy. I have not checked what the cash value in my policy now but my property has gone up by more than 100% - I am happy.

  5. Any investment no-nos?

    Please, at all cost, avoid these get rich quick schemes. My parents did that and lost their money. I can’t believe there are people who would do this but they exist and they are still out there. So, yeah, I would strongly urge readers NOT to do this blindly. Do research, read about them, talk to your friends or peers to get different views before you invest.

  6. What are you investing for?

    My investment is mainly my business and the main reason for investing in it is for my daughter’s future (and myself of course). As a single mother, I want to invest everything I can to ensure my daughter has a strong future. I want her to be proud of her mother when she takes ownership of this investment.

  7. What’s your investment philosophy/approach?

    I don’t have a philosophy but I would like to share that knowledge is really crucial in business and that has been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey. So, please don’t be shy to ask questions, take up relevant courses. In short, if you want to invest, be prepared to learn what you are investing for, otherwise don’t.

  8. What would you do differently finance-wise if we could turn back time?

    I would buy more properties. Did not realise how handy and helpful a property can be during times of urgency. If I can turn back time, I would invest in properties and not invest in my ex husband’s business.

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