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I am Elain Lockman and This is How I Invest (and Insure)

Published 17 Feb 2022

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By Fi Life Team
  1. What’s your day job?

    I actually double-hat daily as the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Ata Plus Sdn Bhd as well as the President of the Registered Digital Markets Association. Ata Plus is one of Malaysia’s first online regulated Equity Crowdfunding platforms. Ata Plus facilitates the matching of high potential SMEs that are looking to fundraise for growth and expansion, with investors who believe in supporting these businesses for substantial returns.

  2. What’s your best investment?

    My best investment is when I invested in a property that has afforded me over 400% in returns over eight years. I have also invested considerably in my current business, and this may well smash the returns from my property investment.

  3. What was your worst investment?

    There is no such thing as a bad investment to me. Every investment is based on due diligence, research, and careful consideration. Perhaps even a stroke of luck helps! (Editor's note: Oh for sure there are bad investments to be made out there, it's just that Elain does her research!)

  4. What was your first-ever investment (and how did that go)?

    Wow, I have to go back in time. It was an IPO of an oil and gas company in 1994. It went pretty well and I managed to make more than two-times or over 200% in returns, under six months.

  5. Any investment no-nos?

    My one piece of advice, do not invest in something that you don’t understand, period.

  6. What are you investing for?

    I choose to invest for my financial independence and a peace of mind. In addition, the altruistic part of me chooses to invest to help others as well. This would be in terms of start-ups, new businesses, social causes etc.

  7. What’s your investment philosophy/approach?

    I believe everyone should approach Investing, beyond merely expecting substantial financial returns. The bigger agenda is to give back/pay it forward to (in order or priority) the family, the start-up community - specifically female-led and sustainable businesses that are impactful and of course, to the society at large. Once again, I caution you to not invest in something that you do not understand.

  8. What about insurance?

    I believe in insurance and have subscribed to quite a number of policies ever since I started working. It is not only for health but I strongly believe in it as an instrument of investment (Editors note: we disagree with the part about insurance being an instrument of investment but let's save that for another day)

  9. What would you do differently finance-wise if you could turn back time?

    If I could turn back time, I would probably have invested more into Crypto (Editor's note: Whoa! Risk on!)

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