Fi-ve Tips to Ensure Hari Raya Is a Time of Joy , Not Grief

Published 29 May 2019

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By Fi Life Team

Fi-ve Tips to Ensure Hari Raya Is a Time of Joy , Not Grief

Hari Raya is a time for joyous celebration for Muslims, as they go ‘balik kampung’ to reunite with their family members. But judging by accident statistics, Hari Raya could easily turn into a time of grief, if one is not careful.

According to a report (link) made on the ‘Op Selamat 13’ which was conducted during the month of Raya in 2018, there were 22,411 accidents that led to 248 deaths. This worked out to 16.5 fatalities a day!

To ensure that Hari Raya remains a joyous occasion, please take heed of these safety tips:

  • Put on your seatbelts, even at the back

    Seatbelts ensure you do not get flung out of the car into the path of other vehicles during a collision. Please belt up, whether you’re seated in the front or the back.

  • Use child car seats

    Make sure your young children are seated in child car seats at the back, not the front, and that they are properly secured. And, no, holding your child or infant in your arms is not going to prevent them from being flung out during a collision. Using a baby car seat can reduce the likelihood of a fatal crash by 70% (link).

  • Check your tyres

    Go to a tyre shop and check your tyres, make sure they’re not “botak”, or have gashes on them. Ask the tyre shop to check your brakes too. If the tyre treads are thinning, do not hesitate to change your tyres, the RM600-1000 cost is nothing compared to the price of your life. (Even better, send the car for a quick service, to make sure that all is in working order).

  • Avoid sudden driving moves

    About to miss the highway exit? Do not switch lanes suddenly to make the exit. Cars in front of you suddenly stopping? Do not switch lanes suddenly to avoid stopping. Sudden moves surprises other drivers and they might not be able to react to you quickly enough. Why leave your life in the hands of others?

  • Stay alert, get enough rest

    If you are feeling tired, pull over at the first R&R you see and take a quick nap. Do not restart driving until you’re alert again. If coffee or a caffeine drink helps, go for it, but the best way is to be fully rested in the first place.

We at Fi Life wish you safe travels. Please do remember to save the emergency helplines for the highways and expressways you’ll be using before you leave as mobile data connectivity might patchy in certain areas.

Wishing you and your loved ones Selamat Hari Raya.