3 Things We Can Do For Our Mother's Financial Wellness

Published 05 May 2021

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By Fi Life Team

Our mothers are our first heroines. They gave us the gift of life, they taught us about the world and they also protect us from harm. This mother’s day, let's do something for our mothers' financial wellness. After all, all we want is for them to enjoy their golden years.


1. We are now our mother’s Financial Teacher

Things have changed so much since our parents' days, internet banking is now the norm and there are many new fintech products on the market. Many of our parents may not be tech-savvy enough to catch up.

Spend some time to guide our mothers on digital banking, e-wallets and online shopping. But teach them also about the many scams out there so that they are never parted unwillingly from their hard-earned life savings.


2. We are now our mother’s Financial Guardian

We want our mothers to have a most comfortable retirement. If you have been contributing to her retirement fund, you can also set up a low-risk investment portfolio that allows her to have stable returns.

A thoughtful gift would be to engage an independent Licensed Financial Planner for your mother. The Licensed Financial Planner can advise on a financial plan based on her retirement needs, including investment options and other wealth preservation plans, even estate planning.


3. We are now our mother's Financial Protector

We want our mothers to live long and healthy lives. Nonetheless, we can’t predict the future. Hence, the most important thing is to ensure our mothers are well protected with medical insurance. Don’t let the rising cost of medical bills become a burden!

Find her a comprehensive medical plan with high annual limits to cover any contingency. And offer to pay for it.

For a sample of the medical plans available, check out Fi Life's Medical Plans.


We are now swapping roles

As we grow older, we soon realise we are exchanging roles with our mothers. Let’s help her make sound financial decisions so that she can spend her golden years not worrying about money, but spending quality time with you and your family.


Happy Mother's Day!

The Fi Life Team