Go to the fi.life home page and click on the “Get a Quote” button. Then, follow the steps to get a quote and buy a policy. If you have been referred by an agent or an affiliate, you should start by clicking on the link in the email that was sent to you. If you are having problems opening the browser from your email, simply cut and paste the link into your browser.
Currently, we only offer individual policies as each life insured is required to answer a few questions.
Currently, we only offer products with a yearly-renewable premium.
Yes. If you are a Malaysian citizen with a Malaysian address and reside outside Malaysia in certain countries (New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brunei or Singapore), you are eligible to buy a policy.
Protection life insurance is best suited for young adult applicants who:
• require substantial amounts of life cover at an affordable entry price,
• are likely to have young children and newly established mortgages, and
• need to support/fund these obligations for many years to come.

This product is not suitable for applicants looking for a savings product that provides cash back upon maturity or a pay-out in the event of death or Total and Permanent Disability before the maturity date is reached.

For more information on Life Insurance, please visit our WHY INSURANCE page.
The Critical Illness benefit is an optional advanced payment, with which you would be covered for the ‘BIG 4’ Critical Illnesses (heart attack, open heart bypass surgery, stroke and cancer). If you were diagnosed with any one of these Critical Illnesses before age 65, Tokio Marine will pay you 25% of your cover in advance for your treatment. The remaining cover will be payable upon your death or Total and Permanent Disability. Please note that you are eligible for only one Critical Illness claim per policy.

For more information, please visit OUR PRODUCTS page.
World-wide industry experience shows that more than 80% of all critical illness claims made are for one of the ‘BIG 4’ (heart attack, open heart bypass surgery, stroke and cancer).
We want to keep it simple and convenient for you. We don’t require you to undergo any medical examinations or health checks. All you need to do is truthfully answer some health and lifestyle questions on our website.
If you have been made an offer to buy a Personal Accident Cover instead of Life Cover, it would mean that your health or lifestyle assessment does not allow you to purchase a Life Cover. If you require more information or assistance, please feel free to CONTACT US.
The owner of the policy on issue is “you”, the life insured. However, you can assign the ownership to someone else or to more than one person.

Once you have a policy, changing the ownership is simple. You and the new owner would need to simply complete an ‘Assignment of Ownership Form’, which can be downloaded from MANAGING YOUR POLICY page.
We cover you worldwide. All you need to take note of is that your premium should continue to be paid in Malaysian Ringgit (RM). You can choose to pay through a Malaysian bank account or by credit card.
Yes, you certainly can. Just contact Tokio Marine Life’s customer care service via email and they will advise you further. However, please note that your changes will only take effect on the next policy anniversary.
You can choose to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return your policy to Tokio Marine Life within 15 days of receiving your policy contract to get a full refund of the premium you have paid. If, however, you cancel your policy after 15 days, you will not get a refund, but you will also not incur any penalty charges. Your coverage will simply continue until the end of the period that you have paid for.

For more information, please contact Tokio Marine Life’s customer care service via EMAIL.
Insurance premiums are based on your age, gender, smoking habits and health status. On your policy’s anniversary, your premium will increase with age. Tokio Marine Life will not increase your premiums according to your health status after you buy a policy.
As this plan is specifically designed to maximise coverage at a very affordable price, it will not acquire cash value.
Yes. Premiums for smokers are higher than those for non-smokers. The good news is that if you stop smoking, Tokio Marine Life Malaysia will lower your premium (once you are smoke-free for 12 consecutive months, you qualify as a “non-smoker”). Please contact Tokio Marine Life to complete a non-smoking declaration form.
Each year, on the month prior to the anniversary of your policy, Tokio Marine Life will contact you by email. Tokio Marine Life will inform you of the next annual premium and the renewal of your policy. The policy will automatically be renewed from year to year until you reach the age of 75, as long as you continue to pay the premium.
Please contact Tokio Marine Life customer service.
You or your nominee will then be guided through the entire process.
You may also visit Tokio Marine’s Claims Center for more information.
Your life coverage will last until you are 75 years old. Your Total and Permanent Disability and Critical Illness coverage, as well as the two times life coverage for accidental death, expire when you are 65.
Please send an email to ask@uforlife.com.my together with the error details and screenshot (if possible).
There are many links on the internet describing and explaining life insurance. A good place to start is the BNM website www.insuranceinfo.com.my.

If you are looking for help to calculate your life insurance needs, we have a life insurance calculator on the website under the tab WHY INSURANCE to further assist you.
Please contact Tokio Marine Life’s customer care service via email by providing the following information:
• Your policy number
• A description of the mistake
A Muslim nominee(s) can receive policy moneys payable upon the death of the policy owner as an executor but not solely as a beneficiary. Any payment to the nominee shall form part of the deceased policy owner’s estate and be subject to his debts. Tokio Marine Life will be discharged from liability in respect of the policy moneys paid. Upon receipt of the policy moneys, the Muslim nominee(s) shall distribute the policy moneys in accordance with Islamic law.
No, the nominee is only entitled to the policy moneys payable on the death of the policy owner.


You can speak to one of our customer support representatives via our online chat or any of the channels below.

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